Libelle Wellness is the brainchild of my self discovery! And what I've learned is that I have a purpose in this world  and I can use this purpose and passion to make an impact in a positive way!

     It's only been in recent years that I've learned to  stop talking and start my inner voice,  that is!  I had no idea it was even there at first!

      You've heard all these words... inner voice, intuition, Spirit, God etc.  Whatever you choose call it, and whether or not you believe it, each of us has this inner guidance system!  The challenge is to be quiet enough to hear what that  tiny voice is trying to tell us and then act on it! 

      What I uncovered is my passion and purpose!  I'm a Reiki Master and Reflexologist, here to share my gift with each of you!

     Welcome to Libelle Wellness, where the door to   holistic health is always open!

 In Wellness,


 Kathy Olsen, RCRT

 Reflexology Association of Canada

 Reiki Healing Association

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