Reflexology Therapy 

     Reflexology is the application of pressure to specific points on the  feet and ankles.

There are over 7,000 of these reflex points, each corresponding  to a different area of the body.  Reflexology helps to bring your body back into balance and stimulate your body's own healing responses.

       Benefits Include:  

  • Pain management (especially chronic pain)

  • Detoxification

  • Drainage of Lymphatic System

  • Improved Sleep

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Relief from depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue

  • Helps reduce symptoms caused by chemotherapy including nausea and pain

     60 minutes  $69.00 (HST included)

   30 minutes  $40.00 (HST included)

Mobile Reflexology

     Short on time? Why not enjoy your treatment during the lunch hour? I will travel to your place of business at your convenience!                           

 20 minutes  $35.00 (HST included)

 30 minutes  $45.00 (HST included)

*Price may vary outside Pictou County

Reflexology/Reiki Combo

   You will receive a full foot Reflexology Treatment followed by 30 minutes of Reiki Therapy.  These combined holistic treatments work together to boost your body, mind, spirit healing experience!

90 minutes   $105.00 (HST included)

Reiki Therapy


     Reiki is a complementary therapy using light touch, which is used in hospitals around the world to help reduce recovery times!

     Everything is made of energy, including us, and we need this energy flowing freely through our bodies in order to function optimally. Sometimes our energies become blocked and these blockages present themselves to us through physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances. Reiki works to clear these blockages so we can move on with our lives!

60 minutes $69.00 (HST included)

30 minutes $40.00 (HST included)

Animal Reiki

     Animal Reiki works using the same principle as Reiki for people.  The technique and length of treatment varies, based on the individual animal.

Prices vary


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