Reiki Therapy


Reiki is a gentle and effective Japanese healing art  that releases  energy blockages to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, emotions and spirit! 

Energy blockages present themselves to us as physical or emotional pain, mental disorders or spiritual imbalance.

Because Reiki uses energy for healing, it can be performed using hands-on or hands-off approaches.  I use a combination in my treatments, but am happy to work with your preferences! Both are equally effective! 


  • Activates the body's natural healing responses

  • Releases toxins

  • Calms the mind and increases focus

  • Instills emotional balance and harmony

  • Reduces recovery time post surgery

  • Pain management

Please contact me for Distance Reiki

or Animal Reiki

  Reflexology Therapy 

Reflexology is the therapeutic art of applying pressure to reflex points on the  feet that correspond to specific areas of the body.  A 60 minute session treats the entire body from head to toe! 



  • Puts your body into a state of deep relaxation

  • Releases toxins

  • Drainage of Lymphatic System

  • Improves  Sleep

  • Releases endorphins (the body's feel good hormone)

  • Relieves symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue

  • Helps reduce symptoms caused by chemotherapy including nausea and pain

  • Brings balance to all of the body's systems


Reflexology/Reiki Combo

Feel your troubles melt away with 30 minutes of Reiki followed by 60 minutes of Reflexology.  These combined holistic treatments work together to boost your body, mind and emotional healing experience!

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